73 OT Activities for the Classroom

Written by Dan McCool

Dan is a Speech-Language Pathologist and owner of Second Mile School Therapy. He has been working with school districts for 20 years in Southwest Missouri.

August 24, 2018

Teachers often feel at wits-end because they don’t know how to help their kids with their sensory needs, or fine-motor issues in the classroom.  We understand how frustrating it can feel to see students struggling and not know how to help. Our team of occupational therapists have compiled 73 of their favorite activities to help teachers with students that are struggling with attention problems, sensory needs, fine motor concerns, and many other challenges.

These activities target…

  • Fine Motor and Hand strength–  These skills are essential for handwriting, using scissors, typing, etc.
  • Visual Motor Skills– These skills are necessary for copying information from the board onto paper
  • Proprioception and Deep Pressure– Students need to know how hard they are pressing down on a pencil
  • Bilaterial Skills– This is one of the building blocks of fine motor skills.  This skills are used when two hands work together with one hand leading (e.g. opening a jar lid with hand while the other hand helps to by stabilizing the jar).
  • Sequencing– the ability to ability to recall a sequence of objects or activities in the correct order.
  • Visual Perceptual Skills– the brain’s abili
    ty to make sense of what the eyes see.
  • Vestibular– the ability to interpret information related to movement and balance.
  • Motor Planning/Coordination– The ability to move the body with appropriate sequencing and timing to complete tasks.
Download all 73 Activities and help your student have better attention, improved fine motor skills (necessary for writing), and greater ability to follow direcitons, copy from the board, and much more.

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