Every teacher has students that do great academically but struggle socially, I understand the cringe feelings that come with watching students that are social train wrecks. In order to help these students, we’ve outlined 3 simple strategies you can teach your students so they will start winning socially today. These strategies, if reinforced consistently, lay a strong foundation for future social success.

The strategies are…
-Smile (while talking)
-Learn the names of others
-Ask people questions so they talk about themselves.

If you teach these strategies to your students, they will start to have more friends, they will be less awkward in social situations, and others will want to be around them. If you don’t help students with their social skills you can expect to see many more cringe moments throughout the day because they will not know how to win socially. This often leads to discouragement and a reluctance to interact with others. Please like this video and subscribe to our channel so you receive alerts when new resources are published.